Safety around the Centre and inside Mall

The Walnuts Shopping Centre is now fully to visitors and shoppers, except some hospitality i.e cinema, restaurants & gyms although these will follow soon. 

We have had to  implement a ONE WAY SYSTEM around the centre when entering from either end of the enclosed mall. 

From the outdoor end by Roman we would ask you enter ON THE LEFT and follow the floor signage around the centre. 

Our doors will be set to Entry on the left only and Exit on the right only. 

Please respect this change as it is for your safety and benefit. 

At the opposite end of the mall entering from the High Street/Peacocks entrance you will enter on the Right and leave by the left. 

A yellow line will run the length of the malls to demarcate a “central reservation”. Please only cross this area to access a store on the opposite side of the mall if it is clear of other pedestrians keeping social distancing rules in place.Individual stores will have their own queuing arrangements in place. This is because they are limited to the number of customers allowed inside at any one time, in line with the Government Guidelines. Please follow the queuing strategy they have in place for you. 

The lifts will be working but please do NOT SHARE with any other passenger who is not part of your family group. If you have mobility issues or have children in prams then we hope other shoppers will give you priority and use the stairs instead.  

Hand sanistiser stations will be available in the centre if you do not have your own.  

Face Masks must be worn when inside the shopping centre and stores, and this will be compulsory from July 24th, unless you have a genuine medical condition that prevents you from wearing them. 

Our WC’s will be open but with reduced facilities and the Baby change and disabled facilities will also be open. We have implemented an extensive and through cleaning programme to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and safety for all. Please use the facilities respectfully and help us to maintain a pleasant environment for all visitors.  

The central seating area remains closed as does the soft play area We are reviewing this as more advice is released.

All of the measures we have outlined are required of us by the Government and having complied we have been issued with the appropriate Business Risk Assessment certificate.  Individual stores within the shopping centre will be doing their utmost to follow the same guidelines and are keen to welcome you back. 

Please remember if you feel unwell, with a high temperature, cough or any other symptoms please DO NOT ENTER but instead go home and call NHS 111 for advice. You can prevent the spread of the infection by being considerate and taking measures to self isolate, until diagnosed with Covid19 or given the all clear. Finally we look forward to seeing you again – it’ll be different for a while longer but we will get through this if we keep smiling!

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